Our Segment Master technology integrates marketing data across all channels and all stages of the customer lifecycle to empower marketers to gain true insight so that they can make the most of their marketing programs and maximize profits.

All the Data, All the Time, No Sampling, No Pre-Aggregation

Our number crunching power starts with our proprietary data processing technology, creating detailed data sets by integrating detailed transactional data from all marketing channels as well as each individual customer – one data point per impression, one data point per click, and one data point per conversion. What’s more, it’s all tied together and available ad hoc with one data point per customer per hour by revenue line.

Powerful, Flexible, Extensible, and Built from the Ground Up

When you’re running a real online business you need more than a “dashboard,” and with our solution, you get just that. Built from the ground up from a powerful, smartly organized data store our Metis Marketing Suite solution is so flexible that it can be used to deliver ad hoc reports ranging from reach and frequency reporting, to advanced cohort lifetime value reporting, to detailed cost and ROI tracking.

There’s No One Right Way to Look at Every Business

No single set of KPIs can answer every question. We capture and integrate all your important sources of marketing data into one intuitive and powerful user interface where we give YOU the power to organize and look at the data the way YOU want. Our solution empowers you to find important business trends and puts you back in charge of your business.