The best marketers know how important testing creative and copy is, and we let you do that without needing to call in reinforcements from the Engineering department.

Run Your Own A/B Testing – Engineers Not Required

With the Decider you can set up a landing page A/B test in less than a minute using standard Boolean logic. Set up multiple tests, and assign different weights to your tests depending on what your testing goals are. Create routing tests using any data field that we can capture: customer revenue, demographic data, creative ID, geography, number of items purchased etc.

Automatic Integration to Backend Data

The data captured by the tests that you run using the Decider tool is automatically integrated with the rest of your data in the backend. This means that your testing data shows up as an additional data set in the Report Suite that you can slice and dice any way you want. The data set resulting from a test can be tied directly to customer value to evaluate against whatever your success criteria may be.

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3…

Think of the Decider as your very own routing engine tool for testing. No need to lobby for additional engineering resources. The Decider gives you full control over any test you may want to run on your website’s traffic. With Decider you can:

  • Route traffic to any page (internal or external)
  • Change the query string parameters in real time
  • Insert or delete any portion of the URL
  • Read and write cookie data