We do the heavy lifting, aggregation and normalization of marketing data so that you can remain focused on marketing execution and strategy.

If you’re like us you’ve spend hours trying to figure out the true value and cost of your customers and trying to track the conversion funnel from beginning to end. Perhaps you have tried other reporting tools and been dissatisfied when their big promises fell short of their limited analytical capabilities and tracking. You may have even thought about building your own internal reporting tool. But why waste your engineering resources and time building a reporting solution that already exists? Let us do the heavy data lifting so you can remain focused on marketing execution and strategy.

With Our Solution You Get

  • Answers to the most important questions a marketer has:

    “How much money did we make today, how much money did we make yesterday and are we spending our marketing dollars in a profitable way today?”

  • Integration of your back end data with third party data

    (from DSP, DMP, Ad network…) across all of your marketing channels (email, social, web, TV, mobile…).

  • Fast Implementation

    No additional Engineering resources needed.

  • More than just reporting on advertising data

    We also include data on email and mobile push notifications.

  • Full 360 view of your customer from a mercantile approach

    Including cohort analysis and cookie matching.

  • All of your data tied to individual customer gross profit

    So you can tell exactly how much profit you are making per customer per channel and per campaign.

  • No switching costs

    If we can get access to the data we can integrate it into your reporting.

Ecosystem of Data Sources

A sample of the data channels we have integrated

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Reporting Suite

All of your customer and campaign data accessible at its most granular level from a single dashboard allowing you to tie revenues to cost and more accurately track your customer life cycle. Slice and dice the data to your heart’s content or pick from one of our pre-set marketing reports.

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We know that marketing success comes from testing, revising and repeating. Decider helps you to easily set up, prioritize, run and track results from multiple tests at one time thereby empowering marketers to run the tests they need without wasting time tracking down engineering resources.

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Segment Master

The core technology behind our marketing analytics solution capable of querying through millions of data points in real-time and delivering complex reports quickly and efficiently. Granular data aggregated across multiple channels and normalized so all you have to do is focus on marketing strategy.

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