Stop wasting your time aggregating information.
Start providing more insight to your clients faster.

Tracking, reporting and testing can get complicated very quickly when you are working with clients from different industries who are looking to achieve varying business goals. You probably have multiple logins to more than one dashboard where you can track performance across various channels. Gathering, aggregating and formatting the data into the reports you need to perform meaningful analysis on your client’s marketing efforts is daunting enough of a task that you don’t do it every day even though you wish you could and know you should.

If you’re nodding your head, then we know where you are coming from because we’ve been there. That feeling of being overwhelmed with data and the frustration of how long it took us to aggregate, normalize and format customer data into actionable insights is what motivated us to build the Segment Master technology solution in the first place.

With Our Solution You Get

  • Flexibility in reporting

    Every client has unique business needs, goals and KPIs. With our solution you can easily and quickly customize reporting to fit any client’s need.

  • Integration of multiple data sources and cross channel data

    so if you have a client that uses a tool that you can’t or haven’t yet integrated you’re not in trouble.

  • Ability to identify problems earlier and take corrective action faster

    impress your client with your amazing troubleshooting abilities.

  • No switching costs

    If we can get access to the data we can integrate it into your reporting.

  • Engineering support

    No need to use up your own engineering resources trying to build out custom solutions for clients.

  • Guarantee any data source as part of a launch

Ecosystem of Data Sources

A sample of the data channels we have integrated

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Learn About Our Solution

Reporting Suite

All of your customer and campaign data accessible at its most granular level from a single dashboard allowing you to tie revenues to cost and more accurately track your customer life cycle. Slice and dice the data to your heart’s content or pick from one of our pre-set marketing reports.

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We know that marketing success comes from testing, revising and repeating. Decider helps you to easily set up, prioritize, run and track results from multiple tests at one time thereby empowering marketers to run the tests they need without wasting time tracking down engineering resources.

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Segment Master

The core technology behind our marketing analytics solution capable of querying through millions of data points in real-time and delivering complex reports quickly and efficiently. Granular data aggregated across multiple channels and normalized so all you have to do is focus on marketing strategy.

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